my mission

KW JOINERY has been providing the finest quality workmanship for over 30 years, I initially started the company to share that special heart warming feeling that I always get when I finish a new project with all my customers, This does normally bring them so much happiness, also hope and belief in people and the possibility that anything is only ever limited by your own imagination.

Expect 100% Nothing Less

Initially I will come out to discuss your requirement, and offer advice and design ideas, also choices that may be more beneficial to the work involved.
Once a design and price has been agreed, a deposit paid then a installation date will be offered, Then the work will be carried out and competed within the timescale previously agreed.

Generating Work

Since Inception we have never advertised for any work ever, for over 30 years.I have been kept inundated with work mostly covering the west of Scotland all from recommendations and existing customers and I am a firm believer in that”you reap what you sow” and being part of a very small group of skilled tradesmen that provide a professional quality and value for money service it’s no wonder why I have never needed to advertise…

I have finally got round to creating this web-site so I hope you do appreciate the effort I put in and you never know you might see your house on it. lol 😂